hello people, this was our first year and it was awesome! thanks to everyone who helped us with shows, release and coming to shows! just everything! i hope there will be a couple of more years to come! thanks alot!

we wish you a happy new year, hope you can do things better then last year or stay same as good as last year!
we where in the studio  and now we are waiting for the masters that we hopefully can male vinyl! our plans are for march, but you never know!
we have some shows for this year and we're also planning a little tour in april
so stay tuned,

peace and love

your dudes from O


Post tour,

the tour was awesome...we would like to thank all the people who made this possible...thanks to everyone and everything!
special thanks to everyone who showed up at the last minute show in dresden, thanks to lara korona, thanks to jimbo, deborah, nadja, rene, janni, björn and special thanks to cameron...our angel...and of course all the people who came to see us play ♥



first september tour dates:

8.9 Antwerpen (b) tba
9.9 Heerlen (nl) café bluff
10.9 tba something between aachen and berlin. please contact us
11.9 Berlin (d) scharni 38
12.9 dresden tba
13.9 leipzig Projekt- und Hörgalerie "A und V"
14.9 tba something between leipzig and duisburg please contact us
15.9 duisburg(d) Djäzz
16.9 cologne tba

we still need help!





The Sea of Trees

These days the woods are hollowed

Dead and empty as we are.

Wooden arms try to capture,

Thorns tear at our flesh

Our bones keep on crawling,

Towards promises given us before.

eyes horned and swollen,

They weep just like a willow tree.

We can see the fallen smiles

peacefully fading by.

Emptiness will swollow you,

wooden arms try to capture.

Trapped in the depths of a sea of trees



22.4.2011 first show

hey there, we are playing our first show in april.

Az Aachen


with/ enemies. june paik. lara korona.

hope to see you!




O in the studio

Hello ladies and gentleman,

we are in the studio right now, recording our first demo!
you can find some pictures on the pictures tab.